About us

Black family in a sunflower field. Married Husband and wife with a baby boy in arms, while holding the hands of their female toddler, and a young man.

Unbounded is a black, family owned, art and apparel brand that celebrates Christianity and Afro culture. Our mission is to create art that will uplift, inspire, and empower both believers and non-believers. We also want to create art that will help believers with having conversations about Jesus Christ. Jesus gave us the great commission (Matthew 28:16-20) for us to go and spread the gospel. Sharing your faith can be a really scary task. The fact is many Christians want to talk about their faith and share their testimony, but they honestly don't know what to say to break the ice. 

Our products act as an icebreaker to help you have the impactful conversations that matter. They are also a beacon to attract those who are in search of help,  spiritual assurance, or even fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. I can't tell you how often someone has stopped us while we were wearing some of our gear to talk about God or how often we have been spotted by a fellow believer and given a shoutout or thumbs up. 

We are using our t-shirts to evangelize and it works.

Cut through the awkward conversations and let your light shine in a fun way that builds community and lifelong relationships. Break the ice! Give your testimony! Pray for God to do the rest!

As we continue to grow we hope to inspire people all over the world to take what God has given them and pour it back into other people. Though our journey is just beginning, we are looking forward to planning some amazing events and also helping to fund some incredible missions and nonprofits that will help expand the Gospel and glory of God. The greatest thing about this is that you get to help us do it.